Friday, April 9, 2010

Washed Out - Belong
Subscribe for weekly videos on the newest and hottest songs in Underground Electronic Downtempo / Chillwave music. *Impress your friends with noises they didn't even know existed!* Washed Out is the stage name of musician Ernest Greene. ...
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Next vic. Washed Out. There isn't much music available by this guy( Ernest Greene) out. There is an E,P, a couple of 7" inches, and a cassette available on High Times(interesting). He's not signed, has a few singles out and is blowing up. Start out with Belong and then Feel it all around. These tracks sound like a Howard Jones tape from the 80's and a drive up the P.C.H. on a Saturday evening while the sun is setting. That's what comes to mind whenever i here them. I really dig his stuff and i think you will to. The only place to get the ep is unfortunately only on I tunes. Dig!

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